Rimini, a summer destination par excellence, known all over the world for its beach and its strong tourist vocation, is a charming town suitable for all ages and offers various entertainment options; you can go all by bike, you can live in a relaxed or active way and it is renowned for its nightlife and its nightlife. Rimini often identified as a “fun factory” among amusement parks for families, clubs on the beach for young people, exhibitions and cultural events, excursions and itineraries in the hinterland and rich food and wine proposals, from street food to gourmet restaurants.


  • A walk in the historic center on the traces of ancient Roman Rimini
    Arch of Augustus, Tiberius Bridge, Domus del Chirurgo: among the testimonies of the ancient Roman civilization in an itinerary around the city.
  • Get lost in the alleys of Borgo San Giuliano
    Ancient village of fishermen and seafarers, it is one of the most characteristic districts of Rimini, full of bars and restaurants with a genuine and seafaring atmosphere.
  • Feeling giants at the Italia in Miniatura park
    An amusement park where you can get to know Italy and its miniature monuments, you can walk among 273 works of meticulous architecture, gardens and games. Ideal to visit with children.
  • Visit the Surgeon’s House
    This ancient Roman residence, re-emerged from recent archaeological excavations, preserves very important mosaics and finds intact, including 150 instruments by a surgeon from the 2nd century BC.
  • Stroll along the canal port and along the Marina Centro seafront
    Two suggestive and characteristic places of Rimini, in the summer they are very popular and great events take place here such as the Molo Street Parade.
  • Have an aperitif in the premises of the Vecchia Pescheria in the historic center
    A meeting place for young people, especially from Rimini and university students, here there are pubs, wine cellars and trendy clubs where to have aperitifs and party until late at night.
  • Shopping for typical products at km 0 in the large covered Central Market
    A market in the heart of the historic center where you can find fresh fish and genuine earth products, around many gastronomic shops also ideal for a packed lunch before going to the beach.
  • Go shopping at Le Befane Shopping Center
    Over 100 shops and well-known fashion brands, to fill up on clothing, footwear and accessories for all ages.


And if sometimes there is no sun, you can delve into the historical and cultural curiosities of our fascinating hinterland.

San Marino: the smallest Republic in the world! Pretty ancient city (Unesco Heritage), right on top of Mount Titano, surrounded by walls and with three towers on the top of the mountain. Famous for medieval weapon shops, shopping and beautiful views.

Santarcangelo: a small and delightful medieval village, with its tufaceous caves, which can be partly visited, with a fortress that dates back to the Malatesta era set in a historic center of small alleys, craft shops, taverns and typical restaurants; and with the permanent museum “Nel mondo di Tonino Guerra”.

Montebello: mysterious and beautiful medieval castle, where the splendor of perfectly preserved furniture and the intriguing story of her “Azzurrina” ghost create a fascinating atmosphere. Picturesque is the midnight visit.

San Leo: made famous by the imposing fortress where Cagliostro was imprisoned for a long time and from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Riviera, it is a splendid medieval village where you can breathe a taste of genuine things from other times.

Saludecio: here, tradition manifests its experience in a science found today: that of the selection and treatment of medicinal plants. An interesting fair at the end of July is the greatest opportunity to taste the flavors and enjoy the beneficial virtues of these herbs.

Gradara: with the splendid Castle and the village that framed the love story of Paolo and Francesca.

Urbino: it was one of the most important centers of the Italian Renaissance, of which it fully preserves the architectural heritage. Since 1998 its historic center has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.